“Monday, Monday…can’t help that day..”

Here in Kennesaw, Georgia, it didn’t snow. We just have a miserable, cold, rainy Monday. On a gloomy day like today, my mom’s voice says to me “It’s a soup day…got to be a soup day.”  So I pleaded with my sweet husband, and guess what’s for dinner. You see, he’s a much better cookContinue reading ““Monday, Monday…can’t help that day..””

Welcome! I write with a southern accent…

I figured it was time to begin “the blog.” I am a writer and my first book is finally finished. It only took five years of starting and stopping and starting again. Boy does life have a way of putting you on hold. Moving and getting married again at this age (which we are not goingContinue reading “Welcome! I write with a southern accent…”