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Hello everyone! Well, she’s baaaaack — The strong woman in fiction and non-fiction.

Do you know a strong woman? What words would you use to describe her? Maybe BRAVE, PASSIONATE, DRIVEN, ACCOUNTABLE, and RESPONSIBLE – just to name a few! When I write, I want a flawed protagonist who possesses these qualities. For instance, in RELATIVE CONSEQUENCES, Jessy Tate is an ordinary woman who leads a simple life. However, after her husband dies, she remembers a tragedy from her past and must gather the strength within herself. She must search for the truth to questions that need answering no matter the consequences. I see her as brave, passionate, driven, accountable, and responsible.

First Guest of 2023

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Please welcome Author KD Sherrinford from the United Kingdom. Born and raised in Preston, Lancashire, she now resides on The Fylde Coast with her husband John, and their four children. An avid reader from an early age, KD was fascinated by the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, reading the entire Doyle Canon by the time she was 13. A talented pianist, KD played piano from age six, learning the music of her favourite composers, Beethoven, Schubert, Stephen Foster, and Richard Wagner, all strongly featured in her novel.

Retirement gave KD the opportunity to follow her dreams and begin her first novel, gaining inspiration from her daughter Katie, after a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street in 2019. Because Irene Adler is such an iconic character, KD wanted to give her a voice. KD recently completed her second book in the Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler mystery series, “Christmas at The Saporis,” and is currently working on the third.
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Song for Someone is KD’s first book in The Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler romantic, mystery series. Irene Adler appears to have the world at her feet. She’s a talented contralto, with beauty, brains, and talent to burn. Unfortunately, Irene is fundamentally flawed by harrowing events from her past. First was her marriage to the lawyer Godfrey Norton, a sadist, bully, and opium addict, who subjected Irene to shocking abuse. Then there was the death of her newborn daughter. Then the murder of Norton by the leader of the notorious Tooley Street Gang Wild Bill Palmer, a former henchman of the late Professor Moriarty. After a breakdown, Irene returned to New Jersey to be with her family, where she received treatment for her postpartum psychosis.

In the spring of 1895, Irene travelled to Milan. After an impromptu appearance at La Scala, seven years after the events of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Scandal In Bohemia, her path is destined to cross once again with the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes.

After an attempt is made on her life, Holmes is alerted to the perils of their situation. Irene and the detective flee Milan together pursued by a deadly antagonist, finding refuge on an isolated farm in Fiesole, the place where Holmes stayed after his deadly encounter with Professor Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls.

Irene does not care much for Holmes at first, finding him arrogant and egotistical. To his surprise, she stands up to him during several heated altercations. Song for Someone is Irene’s story. Holmes may be living in the book, but if he was not, then Irene would still be there, proud, defiant, unyielding, and magnificent. Her strength, courage, bravery, and unconditional love for Holmes, and the heart-wrenching sacrifice she makes to protect the man she loves, all come to the fore in this novel. Below are a few extracts from the book. I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter Thirteen
I glared at him indignantly. “I must say that in your case, it’s sometimes difficult to tell. But you’re right. That was a thoughtless insensitive remark. Tact and diplomacy are obviously skills you never mastered. May I remind you that I am only here with you now because I need you to protect me and not because I find you irresistible?”

Chapter Sixteen
I took a sip from my glass, licking my lips provocatively. Then, finally, I spoke softly, almost in a whisper, never once taking my eyes off Holmes, who was scolding me silently with his eyes. “You know, they tell me it’s quite a thing to save a photograph, and I believe it was Balzac who said a letter is a soul as faithful, an echo of the speaking voice, but that to the sensitive it is amongst the richest treasures of love.”

I glanced over at Holmes with a mocking smile. He returned my gaze with silent curiosity.

Chapter Thirty-Nine
Nene lunged towards the gun. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Moriarty, blood running down his face, his left eye swollen shut, kicking the gun out of Nene’s reach. “You poisonous little bitch!” he snarled, grabbing her.

Moriarty picked up the gun and pointed it at Nene’s head with his right hand, his other around her neck.

I aimed Ludo’s gun at Moriarty’s head. “Drop it. Let her go,” I cried.

Moriarty glared at me. “No you drop it Holmes…or I swear I will kill her right in front of you” Nene looked at me. “You have a clear shot, Sherlock. Take it. You must shoot him. We both don’t need to die today.”

To find out what happens to Irene and the celebrated detective, check out Song for Someone on Amazon

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Jody Herpin writes with a southern accent. Re-discovering her love of writing in the last ten years, she has completed her second novel, "Relative Consequences," and is currently researching her third. In 2015, Jody received First Place for Novel Submission at the Southeastern Writers Association Workshop for "Weather Permitting." In 2014, she received Third Place for the Microcosm Award at the Southeastern Writers Association Workshop for her piece, "View of a Lifetime." She's constantly reading, researching and soaking up knowledge about her craft. Born in Savannah, Georgia, she has lived most of her life in the South, attending Decatur High School in Decatur, Georgia and living in Alabama, Georgia and North and South Carolina, Florida and Virginia. If she's not writing, she is decorating her home, attempting to paint with watercolors, reading, rediscovering the guitar, walking her Mini-Australian Shepherd, Bella, or cheering for her beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Jody married the love of her life in 2014, and she and her husband, Mike Boggioni, a professional musician, live north of Atlanta, Georgia. She has two grown children and six amazing grandchildren all of whom live close enough "to holler at."

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